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GET INTO RADIO: Newsletter Number One

A blog site with information on how to get into radio, and what to do once you're there!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Newsletter Number One

Welcome new subscribers, this is a new project, and you are getting the very first, hot off the press newsletter all about the world of Radio.

There will be opportunities to learn bits about the trade, how to get into it, making demos, getting yourself out there and on air...or perhaps you prefer the behind the scenes stuff. We will cover that too, week by week.

As you know, at the moment, I work for Radio Jackie in SW London, presenting the breakfast show. I have about 10 years experience of being on air...

It starts off terrifying, then elating, then it kinda plateaus, and the need for a new challenge arises- kinda like life in general.

But breakfast is fun- you can "get away" with a lot more.

Good quote that goes round the business

"better to beg forgiveness than ask permission"

Though that one has backfired a few times so be careful with it. Oh the stories I could tell, and I will in another newsletter.

The first step on the programming side is identifying your audience and catering to them appropriately. The bigger stations have a larger audience and a more focused demographic. Eg Kiss 100 goes for the 15-24 market, Heart 106.2 is more female orientated, and Virgin more "male".

Jackie is a unique balance to strike. Here's the parameters.

"Small" enough to sound friendly
"Big" enough to convey (friendly) authority
Classic Hits
Todays best new music
Relating to everyday life in SW London

... but what's here...


Corporate people
Office Workers
Retail workers
Comedy Clubs
Community Events
Breaking News- local, national and international
... the list goes on

imagine trying to balance that lot!

In the next newsletter we will talk about advertising, what it is, why it works...

Until then, do comment and answer back, and stay tuned

Neil Long

And as a gift to you, here's a free funny bit from our breakfast show.

Feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone yu feel would be interested. the URL is


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