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Monday, February 26, 2007

Be a Hero

As a presenter on the radio, you do have a measure of authority- we chatted about scams this morning, primarily Internet ones, it can make you feel like a hero- no one's going to scam your listeners!

It's useful to blog about it afterwards as well.

Here's an article I posted this morning- relevant, and fresh in peoples minds.


I wanted to blog about this, seems as we move more and more into the age of online technology, there's some dastardly schemes out there happenin'And some new words to go with it- ever heard of phishing?

Here's what it is..Scammers send you an e-mail, using the authentic logo of a legitimate company- two I have seen are Nationwide and E-bay.

Then they say something like "Your account has been suspended until you confirm by clicking on this link and re-enter your details"- so you in worry, click on the link, which of course has nothing to do with the legitimate company, and everything to do with the scammer, who now captures your card details.

Gotta give it to them, simple but effective.No legitimate company will ever behave in this way, or use fear tactics to get you to respond.

So don't be fooled!

Here's another: You get clamped. You ring the sticker on who to call on the car, but the bad guys are lurking, masquerading as the clamping officials. They then take your money, and say they have the wrong key for the clamp, so they hack it off.

Apologising for mucking you about, they give you back some of your money. And you drive away happy thinking what a nice man.

Until you get the letters from the real official people saying "you have damaged our property!"


For your interest, here's a link to some of the more audacious scams that folks have tried to pull.

Tell 'em to go Phish in someone elses pond.

The trick with blogging is informality- notice even the spacing of the words is in a conversational style, it gives the impression I'm talking to YOU.

Yes, you!

See what I mean?

Many radio stations have blog pages for their DJ's, or you can set up your own for free on

You can invite feedback as well as I do with you guys.

So talk to me, what do you think?


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