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Friday, September 01, 2006

Relax Relax Relax

Welcome Karim, new subscriber- he is the inspiration for todays newsletter. I did some work for him in my Capital days. We had been chatting for a long time about doing a demo tape, and, finally we did it. Karim has never done radio before, but has a long held dream to Get Into Radio.

So I threw him in at the deep end and stuck him in front of the microphone to do a mock travel report.

Then gave him one of my intense training sessions.

Too slow. Too fast. Pracee the words. Talk as if you are having a conversation with your friend. Speed up. Diction. More conversational. More authority.

Then I slowed down, thought for a minute, and told him a joke.

He laughed, that diffused the pressure of the moment, and we tried again.

Within 20 minutes, 20 minutes we had a competent demo tape. My boss is going to have a listen. So if you doubt yourself, best think again.

I also learned that an important part of success in any endeavour is to be able to relax. Even when performers are really flowing and "up and at 'em" there's a kind of relaxed focused awareness in the moment... and you kind of "flow" with it. And it feels ecstatic as well. Sometimes we can get a bit over zealous in getting it all polished and perfect and forget this really important component.

I offer personal coaching sessions on any of the topics discussed here- if you are interested, do contact me at I can help make demos too.

More soon, meantime as a gift, here's a really silly bit from our breakfast show, when I umm, sellotaped my co-presenter. Tee hee.

In the next issue , the words of a true professional, a man very admired by me- Jono Coleman.

Till then Neil

PS Karim, I reckon it won't be long mate.


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