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GET INTO RADIO: Does Fault Finding Create Good Shows?

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Does Fault Finding Create Good Shows?

This week I want to talk about a common experience, though not one talked about an awful lot I would say.

Anyone ever heard of "Snooping".

In the radio sense it means listening back to all the links you've just done in your show- recorded on a specially set up tape player.

And in my opinion, it's just about the worst thing you can do. Most DJ's I know tend to be very self critical (unnecessarily so- it's an irony that very talented people are so perfectionistic).

What makes a "Good" show from a "Bad" one? In who's opinion? Yours? The management? The listeners? What about all the different preferences of all the people??

That's a hard one, and most of the time not your responsibility- it's up to the manager of the station to "target" the right jock for the right market, in the same way a good marketer wouldn't sell hairbrushes to bald people!

Yet, I have seen DJ's come out of the studio, and basically do autopsies- listen again and again and again to their tapes, taking it apart word for word in the name of improvement (or fear of the management!)

But it doesn't work, it's just a recipe for making you miserable.

Is the best way to bring a child up by constant faultfinding?

Then treat your "radio baby" with the same kindness!

Try this experiment, get, in your opinion a "good" show, and a "bad" one. Put them on identical tapes, and mix them up. Then listen to them again in 2 weeks time. And I'll bet you'll find it hard to tell the difference!

Strange phenomena, but true!

Coming soon the "E-book" Get Into radio....... will let you know when
- a book filled with words of the radio wise, that you can look at and listen to!

A very wise person once said about life, "You can never step in the same in the same river twice"

And I think it's the same for radio- the best way I have found is to be totally present in each show. Ideas will come. They always do. And sometimes the floodgates open AND YOU FLY

Then that nagging voice comes in "Can I do it again"

Don't worry, you will.

But not by over zealous self criticism.

A much better attitude is "Happy now, eager for more"

Here's a link to a good book by Ken Blanchard- "The One minute Manager" it's worth a read- have a look...

and here's a funny bit from our breakfast show on Radio Jackie from last week.... Enjoy.

Speak soon, do forward this to anyone you think may be interested. The link is


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