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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Here's what success sounds like...

Well done Rob James, who came to me to make a demo...

There's been a rather good response...

In Rob's own words...

I've had a phone call from Dave Owen (PC @ Radio Jackie for the one's who don't know the name).

He would like me to go into the studios and record an Air Check more aimed at R.J using local information as if I was ON AIR. I'm waiting for him to call me back once he is OFF AIR himself.

As you can all guess, I'm currently on cloud nine, I have a meeting/studio tour this afternoon at Time 106.6FM (Slough) ready for the show on Monday afternoon.

Plus I will be Co Hosting on Time 106.6, Saturday 19th May with Mike 'The Marathon Man' as he attempts to break the world record of 126 hours ON AIR (No break, and No sleep)

Needless to say I'm on cloud 9!

Well done Rob

Have a listen

Who's next then. Roll up, roll up.


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