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Friday, September 15, 2006


Look ma my first demo!!

So how on earth do you go about making a demo- thats convincing, good, and gets the attention of the people that you want to get the attention of.

First, it seems obvious, but so many don't do this- get clear on what sort of radio you want to do? Dance and R & B? Talk? Breakfast? Laid back music jams?

Obviously, angle your demo to the station you are approaching- listen to it first, and try to emulate their style to a degree when you do the tape- you would clearly send a different tape to Kiss FM than you would Magic FM, then you would Talk Sport.....

And make sure that you cut out most of the music- Top and Tail it, so there's about 10 seconds of eirher end of the song, and then the rest of it they get to hear you.

It may be good to contact the Programme Controller and tall him or her that you're going to send a tape in- and follow up afterwards. Polite and persistant. And don't give up.

Michael Hamilton sent me a tape and he kindly gave me permission to put it here.. I gave him a critique on it- but I have to say it was very good. I reckon there's a good career ahead of you Michael.

Have a listen

...and if you need any consultancy or advice from me, or there's a question you would like answered on here, don't hesitate to get in touch on

All the best until next time

Neil long


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