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GET INTO RADIO: August 2006

A blog site with information on how to get into radio, and what to do once you're there!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Links- or stringing it together in a convincing way!

Links- are the radio term for what you say between the records- literally, “linking” them together.

..and there’s many ways you can do it.

A common theme in many radio stations is “One thought One Link”- meaning, keep it short or KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid!, or, as another boss of mine once said, “Tight, Bright, outa Site”

In these days of mainstream radio being more music, less talk, the KISS phenomenon seems more important than ever.

Personally, I like to be entertained and uplifted. I like to hear the people on air having a good time, and involving me in it in some way. I loved the “feel good” radio of the 80’s and 90’s. Pat Sharp exemplified this really well.

A lot of the time it’s not so much what you say, but the way you say it- if people sense you’re feeling good and having fun, it almost gives them permission to do so as well. That’s why entertainers and radio presenters tend to be popular people- people that people want to know- because they make them feel good about themselves in my opinion.

Many stations today are very restrictive on how much they let their DJ’s talk- so you hear the presenter doing about 4 very long links in per hour –kind of- here’s my opportunity to speak, and boy am I going to make the most of it!

So... how best to get a bit of yourself in the link, when you’re told to “Shut up and play the music!”?

In the next issue we will look at different types of links.

** This is an exerpt from my book "Get into Radio" which will be available for download soon!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

But it couldn't happen to me that quickly could it?

I thought this would be a good title for this weeks newsletter, because there's a couple of myths I would like to debunk.

1. Getting into radio is difficult
2. Getting into radio takes a long time

"There must get 100 tapes a week, why should they choose mine...... it's so competitive and cutthroat, backstabby and bitchy"

Well, it can be of course.

I had the pleasure this week of getting an e-mail from Anoushka, who wants to become a journalist, and is a new subscriber to this newsletter- welcome- she used to listen to me on Capital and found me on Jackie, so Anoushka, you are the inspiration for this weeks newsletter.

A couple of stories for you.

A young lady called Aysha came for work experience as a journalist at Radio Jackie, and did very well for a year... now she has a full time job as a journo on a station in the West Country. Note there was no big waiting list. Jobs open and are created in the world of radio every day- every hour probably. If you are what they need when they need it- you got it baby!

Here's another . A 16 year old chap called Chris- great guy, came to Capital for work experience. Within 18 months he was full time working in production of Chris Tarrants breakfast show. And I'm not kidding.

"But I can't be as good as that"

Are you sure? The speed I have seen people grow and develop is stunning.

Lucy Mayer met me at a gig (her birthday one) -she asked me if there were any jobs at Jackie....that was 2 years ago, now she reads the news, does travel and production work. To hear her you would think she's been doing it for years.

So I say follow the dream.

Believe in yourself, and the validity of your greatest dream.

Here's one more.

A guy met Mick Brown (a then Capital FM DJ) in a nightclub in Cobham, and asked if he could do a demo tape. He did ( he thought it was awful, but don't we always!).

He went from a temporary radio station in Kingston to getting a job as a DJ on Capital.

..and that was me.

Follow your dream.

Until next week.


Here's a free funny bit from our breakfast show on Jackie for you.


Friday, August 11, 2006


Hi there subscribers, I'm on holiday this week, so a short newsletter before I hit the beach again.

I promised you retro, real retro, well, have a look at this site....

I had the pleasure of chatting with the guy that built it, I do believe that all radio people are anoraks at heart.. Enjoy, and explore.

PS While my co-presenter was away last week I rang her every day in the show at 7 in the morning to see if she was ok. This week she gets her revenge.

Hell hath no fury...

Have a listen..

it gets worse the next day

then worse

then .....

Enjoy a cheap laugh as my life is destroyed!

Don't forget, ask any questions you have, do reply to the posts, and I will do a future newsletter on it.

Neil Long