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GET INTO RADIO: Drawing a Crowd

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Drawing a Crowd

Over the past few days we have had the pleasure (me and my co-presenter Nicky) of pretending to be local celebrities and turning on Christmas lights in the area.

So how to draw a crowd quickly- how do you draw that "passing trade"


Give stuff away. Cheap stuff. Preferably soft stuff that you can throw (but be careful with that)- a favourite line of mine is "Sorry, we'ill remove it later"

Even in the pouring rain the other day, we drew a crowd of 50 just by giving cheap T-shirts and cuddly vibrating Furbys away.

Crowds are funny things, no one likes the attention on them mostly- and there's always one that.. just stands and stares! Don't let them psyche you out.

Here's that cheap laff I promised you, The Cheesy Countdown with DJ Dave Spangles and Martine Mixalot....


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